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The Full Monty

22nd – 26th October 2013
Clair Hall

Director/Choreographer:  Hannah Pavey
Musical Director:  Ian White
Assistant Director:  Tracy Smith

Dave Bukatinsky – Ciaran Kiely
Ethan Girard – Rob Thurgood
Georgie Bukatinsky – Becca Paine
Harold Nichols – Tony Jefford
Horse – Antony Cannizzaro
Jeanette Burmeister – Debbie Dillon
Jerry Lukowski – Bill Kirwan
Keno Walsh – Andrew Squires
Malcolm MacGregor – Mark Freeman
Molly MacGregor – Marie Taylor
Nathan Lukowski – Billy Brown
Pam Lukowski – Lynda Brown
Teddy Slaughter – Adam Barnett
Vicki Nichols – Vicky Rogers

Joannie – Emma Hudson
Estelle – Katie Large
Reg – Nick Mann
Gary/Vicar – Mike Baker
Susan – Lia Ferris
Tony Giardano – Andy Bairsto

Ensemble –  Kim McAllen, Dani Brown, Elaine Humphreys


With the setting relocated to America, this musical stage version adapted from the 1997 film of the same name sees six unemployed Buffalo steelworkers, low on both cash and prospects, decide to present a stripper act at a local club after witnessing their wives’ enthusiasm for a professional male stripper. One of them, Jerry, declares that their show will be better than any professional because they’ll go “the full monty!” — stripping all the way. As they prepare for the show, working through their fears, self-consciousness, and anxieties, they overcome their inner demons and find strength in their camaraderie, leading to one of the biggest and most built-up final numbers in modern musical theatre!!

The Full Monty is both a fun and funny show to be involved in for everybody – there are a wide range of parts of all ages and the potential for us to have a large and varied cast! We look forward to seeing you all at the launch and working with you on what should be yet another top quality production from HHOS.


(by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd)